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Here at Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on producing riders with solid, safe horsemanship skills and compassion. We teach riders at the pace they need to be at, gaining experience riding with horses in harmony, in balance, and with the correct rhythm and timing.

If Stock Seat riding is your preference, Cowboy dressage, or even if you aspire be a hunter jumper, Cornerstone is a great place to begin your journey. Our goal is to make riding feel like dancing with horses. Come experience the fun for yourself by booking one of our horseback riding lessons or workshops.

. We offer riding lessons for all ages and levels.

After taking the Massachusetts State Instructor’s License test in Boston, contact Cornerstone Ranch to make arrangements to complete your apprenticeship requirements.

Purchase a 10 pack deal on lessons and receive $100 off your purchase! Use the code generated 10 times in the reservation system to book your rides.

We encourage extra riding time in addition to weekly lessons. This can often be arranged by volunteering at Cornerstone Ranch. Some of the volunteers at Cornerstone have been helping out at the ranch in excess of 10 years. Lucky us!

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