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Julia Connell

Head Riding Instructor and Barn Manager

Julia Connell was born in Sandwich, MA in 1997, then moved to Princeton with her family in 2000 where Cornerstone Ranch began on a lot of woods. Growing up on the farm and watching it grow fueled her passion for the horse world. Julia has traveled 5 times to Pearce, Arizona to learn under Ron Mcloughlin at the Classical Stock School of Arizona, and has ridden in many clinics in New England and Florida under other Foreman/ Mcloughlin instructors. In 2016 she began building her own lesson program. To date Julia has taught hundreds of group and private lessons, monthly full day workshops, and 12 week-long youth riding programs. Local schools have worked with Julia to bring students for riding lessons as elective classes. She has also started 5 horses under saddle that had never been ridden prior to her training.

a person riding a horse

As head instructor and barn manager, Julia oversees the wranglers, upkeep of the barn, riding arenas, scheduling and more. She presents the commitment of horseback riding, importance of keeping the equipment in good condition, and the responsibility and obligations a rider has to its program.

Julia follows and instructs The Basic Handle, a scientific approach to riding created by Monte Foreman in the mid 1900s. The goal and purpose is to benefit the horse and encourage its natural movement and full athletic ability. The methods taught allow the horse to understand and respond willingly to the rider. Julia encourages all of her students to be their best for the benefit of the horse. Every time one gets on a horse’s back there are new things to be felt and learned. Come to the Ranch to take a lesson or workshop with Julia, and join the ride to fall in love with the beauty of the horse.

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Read what Julia’s students will tell you about her…

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