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  • Help Out the Senior Herd


Standard Sponsorship Basic $75 | Silver $150 | Gold: $175
Premium Sponsors Includes Quality Horse-Time with 1, 3 or 6 month Sponsorship | $240 monthly

Herd-Sponsorship Program

The Cornerstone Ranch Herd-Sponsorship Program is for lesson horses who have earned their time to relax and be well cared-for and loved after being a part of the Ranch lesson and trail ride program for many years.

Busy schedules, obligations, or perhaps a lack of horse knowledge may make owning a horse not possible for many. Being part of the Cornerstone Ranch Herd Sponsorship Program is a way for you to make a difference and have optional weekly horse-time* for yourself in the process. We are confident this arrangement will be mutually satisfying for you and for the horses, and we thank you for your support!

💖 Basic and Silver Standard Membership allow you to provide specified monthly amounts toward the care and feeding expenses of horses in the Senior Herd. Gold Standard Membership sponsors a specific senior horse and helps out with the care and feeding expenses for that particular horse.

💖 $240 Sponsorship Program goes toward the feed and care of the senior horses at the Ranch and allows for optional weekly horse-time* spent grooming, caring for, and helping tend to the needs of a senior horse at the Ranch.
You may opt to donate by participating in the Cornerstone Ranch Herd Sponsorship Program either for one month, or opt to be charged monthly for 3 or 6 month intervals.

💖 One-time donations of any denomination are welcome toward the care of the senior horses at the Ranch.

🐴 Louie, Ginger and Dakota currently make-up the Senior Horse Herd.

*Weekly horse-time is optional and can easily be scheduled online.