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Central Massachusetts #1 Horseback Riding Ranch!



IT TAKES A RANCH! Thank you for visiting our website. Cornerstone Ranch offers year-round horseback riding for beginners through advanced. Read about the most precious asset at Cornerstone Ranch, the Horses! Browse the entire Cornerstone Ranch web site to learn more about trail riding, riding lessons, sleigh rides, wagon rides, birthday parties, and pony rides at Cornerstone Ranch, located in Central Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch… Expertly uniting horses and people to provide a wide array of activities. Celebrating the love of nature, and the beauty of life’s splendors. Happy, lasting memories made to be treasured. Your best adventures begin here: Easy online booking for an activity perfect for you!



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Cornerstone Ranch is family-owned and operated spanning 55 acres in Princeton and Rutland, Massachusetts.

Activities are varied with something for everyone. Trail rides are for people that have never ridden before, and for experienced riders. Learn valuable horsemanship skills with riding lessons for beginners-advanced riders, plus adult all-day riding workshops.

Pony rides, horse-drawn wagon rides and ice cream in warm weather, sleigh rides this winter!




Dining & Picnics at the Ranch!

Horse-Drawn Ranch Tours & Ice Cream

Celebrate with Horses!


HORSES, the most Precious Asset at Cornerstone Ranch

HORSES are the most precious asset you will find at Cornerstone Ranch. Calm, safe, well-mannered horses with good backgrounds for a fair price are hard to come by. When we get lucky enough to find a horse who may someday be suitable for the Ranch, the purchase is made, and a horse transportation service is…

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Message from Susan Connell, Founder and Owner

Hello! My name is Susan Connell, and I am a highly passionate and dedicated individual who has a sole mission to leave the world a little better than I found it. As the Founder and Owner of Cornerstone Ranch, I take great pride in being able to drive the connective bond between people and horses…


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First-Time Rider

Amazing experience! Horses are well taken care of and well trained. The staff is very kind and values safety. I had a lot of fun as an experienced rider, but I'd recommend the ranch to any beginner or first-time rider.

– SnakeBite4Ever
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Most fun at Cornerstone Ranch.

Had the most fun today at Cornerstone Ranch. Everyone was so, kind, helpful, patient and enthusiastic. Got to rid Frick and my wife was on Target. Beautiful expansive ranch with exceptional animals. We will be back!! See you soon.

– Joseph P.
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Unforgettable Experience.

Our instructor, Susan, is super nice! She and Falcon really made the experience unforgettable!

– Alice L.
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Had a Wonderful Time.

We had a wonderful time. The ranch was amazing and our guide did a great job. I highly recommend a visit to Cornerstone Ranch! ❤️

– Karen B.
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Amazing Trail Ride.

My spouse and I had {my first ever} a AMAZING trail ride at cornerstone. They were patient, the horse they picked for me (being my first ever interaction) was the most gentle being (all the horses were very calm and friendly). Our wrangler and trail guide was friendly, informative and encouraging as well as reassuring. Checking in with me throughout the trail as well as praising me (I was towards the rear, right behind the back wrangler). I cannot wait to return and cannot recommend this place enough!!!!

– B.
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Planning to return for a sleigh ride...

We really enjoy coming to the Cornerstone Ranch! The horses are gentle and beautiful and the guides are friendly, helpful, and informative. We are looking forward to returning and are planning to do a sleigh ride this winter. Highly recommend!

– Charlotte S.
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Amazing Place!

All staff were friendly and the horses were nice. It was my the first time riding a horse (private riding lesson). I was riding the horse named Louie. He is very smart, sweet and very caring and patient. Thanks to him, I had only good emotions on my first riding lesson. My instructor was Julia. She is a very positive person and a great teacher. Highly recommend.

– J Terry
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Wonderful Two-Hour Ride.

I bought this experience for my 21-yo daughter and it was her first trail ride. What an amazing time we had! Our trail guide, Reba, was excellent. I rode Hercules (later found out he is a fan-favorite) and my daughter rode Apache (an absolute gem). The horses are clean and well taken care of. We did the 2-hour ride and it was wonderful. We will be back!!

Cornerstone Ranch
Thank You.

Just want to say how awesome Susan (the owner) and her staff are! They took excellent care of my big family! Thank you! Can’t wait to come back for more fun rides!!

– Yelena K.
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Loves Riding at Cornerstone Ranch.

I LOVE riding at Cornerstone Ranch in Princeton! The owner, instructors are the best!! They take fantastic care of their riders, educating, helping each of us become the best rider we are able to be. The horses are sweet, healthy, a pleasure to ride! The facilities, trails are top-notch! Its where I go for my horse fix, you will enjoy it too!

– Joyce K.
Cornerstone Ranch
Fun 2-Hour Trail Ride.

I booked a 2 hour trail ride for my daughters 13 birthday. This was our first time at this ranch our 2nd time going on a trail ride (first time was for an hour). This place was absolutely amazing. There was about 8-10 of us on the trail ride. Including 2 younger girls(1 being my daughter). The ladies were amazing. So bubbly and helpful. The other place we had gone to before the instructor was so uptight and kinda grumpy but we figured for safety reasons she had to be that way but not these girls. They had everyone laughing joking and made sure everyone was having a good time. I would definitely recommend Cornerstone Ranch in Princeton Ma.

– Kerri W.
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1st Time Riders.

1st time riders (myself and 10yo) for one hour guided ride. Staff made it easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Very relaxing ride through the woods and scenery, even saw wild animals and a view of Boston skyline. Highly recommend and we will be back!

– Sarah F.
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Great Experience.

Our first riding experience, we set out on a beautiful fall afternoon, we had Louie and DaKota such beautiful and gentle horses. The owner Susan and her wranglers were fantastic What a great experience, can’t wait to visit again. Oh and on the way out my granddaughter met a farm friend named Gary couldn’t resist taking a photo.

– Pricilla P.
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Fabulous 2-Hour Ride.

We had a fabulous 2 hr ride on the trails. The guides were friendly, helpful, and reassuring to those who've never ridden a horse. The horse were well behaved and well trained. Love horses Dusty and Hercules! Gentle beings. There was never a moment of fear or discomfort during the trail ride. Thank you for a splendid experience. Will certainly explore riding lessons at the stable 😀.

– Noorulhuda R.
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Wonderful Experience.

We had a wonderful experience at Cornerstone Ranch. My 11 year old daughter and I had never ridden a horse before, but it was something we’ve both always wanted to do. My daughter was excited, but got really nervous once she was near the horse. Our instructor (sorry, her name slips my mind) was patient, informative, and personable. She helped my daughter feel more comfortable, and by the end my daughter didn’t want to leave! Our instructor also did a great job matching us up with horses that worked well for us. In fact, everyone we interacted with was very warm and welcoming. We’re looking forward to our next visit!

– Jackie G.
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Great Experience, First Time Riding.

Great experience for my first time riding. I booked an hour long public trail ride for me and my girlfriend. The group we joined was a reasonable size. The wranglers (Olivia, Sydney, and Reba) were caring, patient, and helpful. The pace was good for a beginner like me. It was like a leisurely stroll through the woods. Since you have to have both hands on the reigns, I couldn't get any pictures during the ride, but they take nice pictures of you at the end and email it to you. Also, it would inconvenient to drop anything during the ride and they advise against it. The experience was competitively priced. Would recommend!

– Gene Y.
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Adult All-Day Workshop.

I attended an adult full-day workshop at Cornerstone Ranch as a beginner. I had previous riding experience on trail rides, including during a week-long stay at a guest ranch, but I had never had a formal lesson before. Julia was an amazing instructor. She was incredibly patient and supportive -- during the first half of the day, I was practicing a posting trot for the first time. We had a delicious lunch with ice cream before our afternoon lesson. Total time in the saddle was about 6 hours or so, and I loved every minute. The other students were also very friendly and I felt so welcome at the ranch. The horses were so well trained and sweet -- Julia does a good job matching horse to rider based on personality and experience. I hope to be back!

– Melody W.
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Wonderfully Amazing.

I wish I had the words to explain how wonderfully amazing this place is ! We had my Son's 1st birthday here today. The staff was so friendly informative and funny! Thank you so much cornerstone ranch ! We will be back again soon

– Margarita O.
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Amazing Instructors.

My family and I have made this a go to place. I love the horse back riding experience, the instructor's are amazing, friendly, and great teachers for newbies. They pick the right horse every time I go that matches our personality. They offer the helmets for free, they always have a bonfire going on with free hot chocolate for the winter with all you will need to make a Smore 😍 We have celebrated my birthday, and my son's birthday there as well. The staff's are always available, friendly and fun to talk to. They have a mini food truck as well and today they also had live band music. The place is well kept.

– Yvette O.
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Professional, Pleasant and Safety Minded.

July 10th, 2022. My 9yr old granddaughter, Daughter and myself took the two hour trail ride at Cornerstone Ranch ; it was excellent. They were very professional, very pleasant and very safety minded. The horses were very docile and well cared for, with an appropriate animal for each of us. I had a question before hand and Sue got back to me immediately. It was an excellent experience and heartily recommend Cornerstone Ranch.

– Greg D.
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Incredible Afternoon.

First time riding for both of us in several decades. Guides were very nice and helpful. My 64 year old partner was extremely nervous but at the end, he said it was one of best memories of the year! Horses were well mannered and easy to ride. Lots of fun to make for an incredible afternoon!

– Sonya D.
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Amazing Place!

Amazing place! It was my first time riding horseback, and the staff and horses were so nice. No one made me uncomfortable after I said I was nervous since it was my first time. My horse Tommy was the best and was so gentle. I definitely recommend going here!

– Elizabeth P.
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Wholesome Experience.

Incredible staff and facility!!! It was my first time ever getting on a horse today and the wonderful ladies at the ranch made me feel so welcome and safe during the trail ride! I cannot say enough great things about this place, a great price for such a wholesome experience. Will be back regularly after today!

– Tatyana S.
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Hour Trail Ride.

I had a great time! Everyone is so friendly and they answered all my questions. The horses are well trained and in great shape, absolutely beautiful. My husband and I took an hour long guided trail ride through the woods that was was both exciting and relaxing, definitely something to experience in your life. I recommend this to anyone at any age! We will be coming back for sure!

– Lauren R.
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This was my first time going on a trail ride, and it was fantastic! The weather was perfect, the leaves were in full autumn splendor, and the horse I rode, Dakota, was such a delight. Thanks again, Cornerstone Ranch!

– Chyle C.
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Highly Recommended.

Great experience for a first time rider. All the handlers (wranglers) were friendly, Gave good directions, and willing to help in any way. We did the one hour tour, but plan for approximately 1-3/4 hours since it takes time for everyone to mount at the beginning, take pictures at the end, and dismount. Highly recommend.

– Michael E.
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Great to get back out on the Trails.

Nice ride today on Dusty. It was a chilly day, but great to get back out on the trails. Thank you Olivia! and Cornerstone Ranch!!

– Sally D.
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Highly recommend and will be back again!

My wife and I had a great experience. Although it was my first time riding a horse, our guide Alex was knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. All the staff on site were friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend and will be back again!

– Zach B.
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Highly recommend for beginners and seasoned riders.

We have been coming here for trail rides for many years. It's always different. The staff is knowledgeable and puts you at ease. The property is stunning so no matter what trails you go on you will have a beautiful ride. They have made many improvements to the property over the years and they have streamlined the process of getting on and off the horses. Overall, I would highly recommend for beginners and seasoned riders.

– Carolyn L.
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Kind and Helpful.

We had such a great time. The staff/ guides are so kind and helpful. The horses are sweet and adorable. The Hot chocolate at the end was the perfect end. We will definitely be back to ride again some time soon. Thank you!

– Danielle B.
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Fabulous Lesson.

I had a fabulous lesson today! I can't believe how much I learned. I have also loved the two trail rides I went on. The Cornerstone Ranch is first rate, professional and safe! Wonderful instructor today. The horses are just great and clearly well loved and cared for.

– Betsy B.
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Fantastic Experience.

We had a fantastic experience with Cornerstone Ranch's 1-hour guided trail ride. Our guide was friendly, upbeat, and very patient given that we were first-time riders. The Ranch was lively with all of the animals about and a nice bonfire in the center, complete with hot chocolate and s'mores station! The ride through the grounds and wooded trails was beautiful - we got to enjoy peace and quiet and the fresh-fallen snow. We had a very fun time and hope to return some day!

– Sara D.
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Fun Ranch.

Such a fun ranch, Knowledgeable staff and instructors and sweet, fun horses. Highly recommend.

– Kate T.
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Anniversary ride.

Wife and I took a two hour trail ride for our anniversary, ended up being just us and the wranglers. Wonderful staff, knowledgeable and kind. Both of our horses were fantastic the entire time. We will happily come back and enjoy more trail rides and we look forward to summer activities with our kids. Highly recommend Cornerstone Ranch to anyone looking for an amazing experience with great people.

– Jeffery Stupak
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Great Experience.

What a great experience. We arrived early and were able to look around the ranch. The staff was extremely friendly and the ranch was well kept. My daughter and I were not experienced riders. Staff gave us a tutorial and introduced us to our horses. Both of our horses were a perfect fit. I rode Frack and my daughter rode Hercules. Our guide was a true leader and made us feel comfortable. We will definitely being visiting the ranch again. Highly recommend!

– Scott K.
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So much fun.

I had so much fun on the 1-hour trail ride! Reba was a fantastic guide who really helped me feel comfortable in the saddle. I highly recommend Cornerstone for anyone who's new to riding!!

– Jillian W.
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Adult All-Day Riding Workshop... Beautiful Atmosphere.

The adult all day riding workshop was such a great experience thanks to Julia & Susan's knowledgeable & encouraging instruction. It's obvious the ranch's goal is to enhance both rider & horse with tried & tested methods that even an inexperienced or nervous rider can perform. The atmosphere is a beautiful mixture of pastoral settings, great stories of proven riding results and the added bonus of delicious food. I can't wait to go back & experience more of their offerings.

– Peggi C.
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Amazing Time

The workers were extraordinarily kind, the trails were beautiful. Even on a rainy day we had an amazing time.

– H. Morehouse
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First Time Riding Experience.

First time riding experience for my daughter. She had a blast and was able to learn a lot for her first time. Definitely will come back and recommend to others.

– Davell R.
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Wonderful Ride.

I had a wonderful ride on Blue (the Mule) today! He was very attentive to his rider🤩 Sammy and Maddie were so awesome! Polite, knowledgeable, patient, friendly to humans and horses!! I look forward to returning.

– Denise K.
Kids at the Ranch
Amazing Riding Lesson

Our girls had an amazing riding lesson with Julia and Maddie- both ladies were attentive and very supportive of the girls. The ranch is welcoming and very clean! We will definitely be back!

– Dottie R.
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Positive Experience!

Very relaxing and positive experience!! Sammy was our trail guide. She was very kind, upbeat and attentive to us (visitors) and too, the horses who depend on her. All horse's were impeccably groomed, fed and watered. A very content herd for sure! Our trail ride was leisurely and scenic. Un-rushed, thoughtful and safety focused.....10+ star experience. No cell phone policy, disconnect to reconnect! Ty, ty, ty! Our horse's were responsive and THE BEST trained I have ever ridden (and I have ridden more horse's than I can count). Susan, CSF owner, was driving a gorgeous team of ? Percheron when we arrived. So well trained, beautifully groomed and clearly Susan's team was happy, very happy and enjoying their training. Susan took the time to chat with us as did each CSF team member. I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to visit such a beautiful, positive horse farm, ride with a diverse group of people and horse's and know that future riding/driving experiences will always be top notch at CSF! Ty Team CSF! Big shout out to Blue and Pedro!! Thanks Kidder ~ luv u

– Kateri W.
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Great Experience: Private Lesson

We had a great experience at Cornerstone Ranch. Got a private lesson for my Mom and daughter to share the experience together and they both had an amazing time. Instructor was very informative and helpful, and they both left with a great memory together, and wanting to do it again!

– Keith S.
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First Time Experience

First time riding experience for my daughter. She had a blast and was able to learn a lot for her first time. Definitely will come back and recommend to others.

– Davell L.
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Staff is Amazing!

Staff is amazing! Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, helpful!

– Sharleen P.
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Amazing Day.

What an amazing day. For a couple of first timers we had a blast. The team was extremely accommodating starting with the booking process all the way to the end of the ride!

– Michael G.
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Great Time.

My husband and I had a great time. We will definitely be going back with more family members.

– Robin C.
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Wagon Ride.

We took our two kids (3 and 1) for the wagon ride. They both loved it, and Susan was a great tour guide and super friendly. All of the animals look very well taken care of and healthy. We will definitely be going again.

– Chris Z.
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Didn't want to leave.

Such an amazing experience. Only good things to say. Our Ranchers were friendly, and knowledgable. They made us super comfortable. Our horses were well cared for and had silly personalities. The atmosphere is great - we went during Fall and plan on returning when it snows. An hour outside of Boston. The only downside is having to leave :( Must go see for yourself!!

– Nia
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Great Views.

Went for a two hour trail ride and it was beautiful! The owner is absolutely lovely, and an amazing guide! The views are great throughout the ride and the horses are equally as beautiful. 11/10 would recommend! Thank you for our adventure!! :)

– Joshua W.
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Trail Ride and Non-Riding Session.

Everyone at Cornerstone Ranch was wonderful. The staff were patient, friendly, and informative. The horses were clearly loved and very well cared for. Sammy and Olivia were our trail ride hosts, both positive and helpful. Susan ran the non-riding time session and we learned lots about horse driving that we never had known and she taught us a great deal about the ranch and caring for their animals. We'll look forward to another visit!

– Kolleen B.
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Kind and Patient.

I had my first riding lesson with Julia. She was kind and patient and made me feel very comfortable. I loved her emphasis on ways to be kind to the horse. I rode Tommy, who was gentle and very responsive. I loved the saddle and found myself to be very comfortable in it. I have already scheduled my next lesson

– Connie D C
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Hour Trail Ride.

Enjoyed an hour trail ride today at Cornerstone Ranch! I have had several lessons there before, but this was the first trail ride. The number of people varies, depending on how many sign up for any given hour, but today we had 3 in our group, plus two guides. Julia matched us up very well with our horses. I rode Target, a Painted Draft horse: big, but very well-behaved! Then Julia gave us all a brief how-to before we started out on our quiet horseback ride through the idea of the perfect way to spend a beautiful, fall day!

– Jan S.
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Beautiful Property

Beautiful property, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. The most gentle and extremely well taken care of horses. Will definitely be back.

– Karen S.
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Professional, Fun and Personable

Right from the start the staff seemed very professional but also very fun and personable. They asked about riding experience and matches up horses and riders, went over some needed skills and rules, and then checked on everyone during the ride. What a great place! We will definitely be going back.

– Anne F.