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Angus is an energetic Australian Shepherd, born in 2010. He loves belly scratches and often is the first to greet people when arriving at the Ranch. Angus loves s’mores and ice cream cones!


Apache is a 15.2 hand pinto gelding born in 2010. Apache is fun to ride and has come a long way since arriving at the Ranch very scared and distrustful. Apache is also the star in the Ranch logo!


Bay was the first of three foals born at the Ranch in 2008. Bay is a 13.1 hand Appaloosa/Pony of America (POA) mare. Bay is very athletic and a lot of fun to ride. Bay now belongs to Reba and Naomi, longtime riding students at the Ranch.


Blue is a 16 hand mule (1/2 horse, 1/2 donkey) born in 2014. Blue can sometimes be stubborn but is usually very sweet and eager to please. Blue has quickly become a favorite of many riders at the Ranch


Boone is a Welsh Pony/Percheron born in 2016. Boone had never been ridden before coming to the Ranch and has progressed to become a dependable mount and steady at taking people on sleigh and wagon rides!


Cheech is an 11 hand pinto colored Shetland Pony born in 1999. Cheech is great for kids in lessons and on the trails. His personality is dependable and docile making him a favorite of many kids!


MoonPie is a 13.2 hand Registered North American Spotted Haflinger and registered Nash. MoonPie was born April 6, 2016. His coat pattern is brown and white and he has one blue eye and one brown eye. MoonPie is very sweet and loves learning.


Dusty is a 14.2 hand registered Haflinger gelding born in 1998. His best friend is his Haflinger pal Hercules with whom he can pull a sleigh or wagon. Dusty also does lessons and trail rides. Overall Dusty is a great horse to work with!


Falcon is a Dapple Grey Welsh Pony/Percheron mix gelding born in 2013. Falcon is one of Cornerstone Ranch’s newest horses, and has progressed greatly since being here. Our Head Riding Instructor Julia thinks he has potential to be a great lesson horse once he gets more settled being ridden under saddle.


Frack is a Black 18.3 hand Percheron gelding born in 2018. Frack came to Cornerstone from an Amish farm in Ohio, where his brothers Frick and Hank also came from. Frack is great to drive and ride.


Frick is a 18.2 hand Percheron gelding born in 2017. Frick came to Cornerstone from an Amish farm in Ohio, where his brothers Frack and Hank also came from. Frick is a gentle giant who is a joy to both ride and drive. We think as he ages he will get more and more beautiful gray/white markings.


Rain is a 12.2 hand Haflinger/Arabian gelding born in 2021. Rain’s coloring is grey and he has soft, brown eyes. Rain is very sweet we look forward to spending a lot of time with Rain to train him to be a good riding pony for lessons and trail rides.


“Mr. Golden Sun” Goldie is a 14.2 hand POA gelding born in 1998. Goldie’s coloring is dun and he was a foal born into the PMU rescue organization. He came to us with a lot of anxiety and trust issues but has learned to trust; his sweet and goofy personality now shines! He is very speedy and does best with an experienced rider.


Hank is a 19 hand Percheron gelding born in 2018. He is the youngest of the 3 Percherons at Cornerstone Ranch and he has a feisty personality. He is the newest at pulling the sleighs and wagons but has been enjoying working with his brothers. 


Hercules is a sorrel colored Haflinger gelding; he is 14.2 hands tall and was born in 2003. He came to us from a rescue in PA and is believed to have been used to plow fields for the Amish before coming to the Ranch in 2008. He has a big round belly and is a fantastic ride on the trails!


Hope is a 14.3-hand Appaloosa/POA mix and was born at Cornerstone Ranch in 2008. Her mom is Ginger and her dad is Kidder. Hope is our Head Instructor Julia’s “heart horse,” but if you are lucky enough to ride her on the trails you will surely agree she is a sweetie! Hope has sparkly blue eyes like her mom.


Jasper is a Jack Russel mix born March 28th 2018. He is famous for good cuddles. Jasper loves leading trails, going on sleigh/wagon rides, and hanging out by the ring to watch lessons. He is always a part of the action here!


“I’m Justa Kid” Kidder was born in 2005. He is a 14 hand registered Pony of America’s (POA) gelding. Kidder’s coloring is a leopard appaloosa (spots everywhere)! He can be a challenging horse to ride but teaches his riders patience and how to communicate correctly and effectively.


Lenny is a 15.3 hand buckskin American Quarter Horse born at the 5 Arrows Ranch in Texas. He has lived at Cornerstone since September 2020. Lenny is a very smart, strong, and willing horse. He’s at his best when challenged physically and mentally. People often say Lenny’s coloring reminds them of Spirit.


Murphy is a 16.1 hand registered Paint born in 2017. Murphy’s coloring is  chestnut. He is very handsome and sweet. Murphy likes going on trail rides and is a fun horse to ride in riding lessons.


“Kid Me, I’m a Larkey” Malarkey is a 14 hand POA mare who was born at Cornerstone Ranch in 2008. Malarkey is colored dark bay with more and more white and orange spots emerging lately; she has sass to match her name and is very fun to ride.


Miller Hi Life “Miller” is a Miniature Horse born in 1997. Miller’s coloring is sorrel. Miller is fun for smaller children to ride.


Olaf is a 14.2 hand spotted Appaloosa born in 1994. Olaf loves to give pony rides and go on trail rides, and of course he loves to give warm hugs! His unique spots make him a very handsome horse.


Pedro is a miniature donkey gelding who was born in 2005. Please give him attention when you visit because he is very affectionate and loves cuddles!


Target is a large 17 hand registered Spotted Draft Horse gelding. He was born in 2006. Target is fun to both ride and drive, and has gorgeous blue swirls in his eyes!


Tommy is a 14.2 hand Quarter Horse. Tommy was born in 2010. He is very willing and a joy to ride. Tommy was very fearful when arriving to the Ranch but has settled down and is now great for beginner riders. He has become a favorite of many regulars at the Ranch.


Twigs is an Appaloosa/Percheron mix who was born in 2019. Twigs has a heart-shaped blaze to match his sweet personality. Twigs is doing well with his training to be a great riding horse.


Poe is currently the Ranch’s only goat. He can be found happily grazing on the lawn or sitting top of his round bale in his paddock. He is a very shy lil guy, so you’ll be lucky if you get to scratch him!


Tiggy the cat was born in 2018. Tiggy thinks he’s part dog and horse, and he can be seen running around the farm looking for belly rubs and pats.


Rocky is an Appaloosa Mule born in January of 2022.