A Kind Note

Hello My name is stefany and I came there on August 1, 2020 for a 2 hour trail ride with my husband for our 10 year anniversary! Riding a horse has been on my bucket list and he surprised me with this! I was super nervous but so excited at the same time. I asked to ride Hope, and I was able to. She was super sweet and made my ride enjoyable and she is beautiful! I just wanted to say thank u and I will DEFINITELY be back to ride her again!



You’re invited to a grand time at the Ranch filled with fine dining, fun and frolic! Our professional biscuit shooter (western term for cook) will prepare for you an authentic ranch blow out (western term for feast). Be certain not to burn the breeze to get here, but we expect to see you by hook or by crook in the boodle. Cool yer heels for a while for a happifying experience, without expending too much chink.



Our convenient, easy to use online booking system eliminates waiting in lines, overcrowding & exchanging $ between you and the staff at Cornerstone Ranch. We have 5 seatings to choose from so you can maximize your enjoyment at the Ranch. Please send an email if you have a large group so we can work out details and be certain to have the best option for you to book your BBQ and outing.

Open House with Pony Rides This Weekend

Dear Riding Friends,

This weekend and ongoing, we are hosting pony rides, ice cream & refreshments in addition to our regularly scheduled trail rides.
No reservations are needed to participate in pony rides. The rides are $10 per child; any additional children from the same family are $5. Pony rides are a fun way to get outside and learn new skills. We have been known to help make kids “horse crazy” and it brings us great pleasure for a part in such a healthy outlet. Please drop in at the ranch between 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM on the weekend to say “hi”. If you can help spread the word we’ll be grateful for your kindness. Hope to see you soon!

Ranch Renovations

You’re certain to love our new look and we are darn happy, snappy and grateful for the renovation project bestowed on the ranch! 

Beautiful wooden fence rails and posts along the customer and the horse hitching areas. All meticulously and professionally installed.

A new walkway and campfire area, new lawns; renovated, more spacious parking complete with an engineered drainage system to help with drainage.  Also, new seating boards for the bleachers. Phew! We have been so busy preparing for your visit LOL! 

All the kiddos are sure to love riding at the ranch this summer, and we have been lucky to have seen some; all with very happy faces lately.

The ranch is a fun, healthy & safe place to visit for family activities. Book your rides soon while there are spaces available. We cater to very small groups, and there’s lots of room at the ranch to stay spread apart. We love seeing everyone and hope to see you very soon! 🐴

For a full view of the email sent out use this link.