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a person standing next to a horse

I grew up on a small horse farm in Vermont and really wanted to get back into riding and working around Horses so I saw this ad for Cornerstone and immediately had to jump on the opportunity! I started working at Cornerstone Ranch in October 2023 and have loved every minute spent working on the Ranch!!

Every day when I head to work I am eager to see my friendly co workers and greet all the horses!! The first horse I rode there was a horse named Kidder. When I first saw kidder I instantly knew he would hold a special place in my heart because he looks like my horse I had growing up! He took such great care of me learning the ropes of how to be a good Wrangler! I also adore the Mule named Blue, he’s such a sweetheart to everyone and does excellent out on the trails!

My favorite memory at Cornerstone Ranch was when I was working Wagon Rides, it was sunset and we had almost made it back to the Ranch when the wagon pulled up next to a group of deer. The setting was just beautiful, the horses were calm and looking at the deer with us. It was an awesome moment to experience out in nature!!

My goals for this year are to continue to take lessons become a better Rider and Wrangler and help others feel safe and comfortable around these beautiful animals!!

– Gigi