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Riding Lessons

View the Cornerstone Ranch downloadable Riding Options Brochure

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June 2019 Accelerated Learn to Ride Clinic

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Lunge Lessons with Julia

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A lunge lesson with Julia will improve core strength, balance, rhythm and timing. Book your lunge lesson or email if you have a specific time request and we will work with you to get you here for a lesson. Lunge lessons are a great way to ride better for your horse’s comfort and happiness.

Thank you for your kind email Kristen, a recent rider…

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Hi, Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time my mother and I had at your ranch last week! We had a carriage ride with Sue, who is just fantastic!!! We were talking about it a few days ago and thought since you folks have so much land, maybe in the future you…

Trail Riding Weather Means Time to Book Your Rides.

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At last, we welcome the spring weather once again! The frogs are croaking, the owls hooting and it’s time to think about trail riding. Our weekends sellout so consider booking during the week, or make sure you book ahead of time for weekend riding.