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a man riding a horse on a dirt path

1. When did you start riding at Cornerstone and did you first discover Cornerstone, as a student, trail rider, or staff inquiry?

I first started riding at Cornerstone about 10 years ago, and I began as a consistent lesson student throughout middle school and some of high school. I then worked in our Wild Child Express for three summers before becoming a wrangler for the past two summers!

2. What are your goals at Cornerstone or in the horse world/industry?

I actually am majoring in Equine Industry and Management with a minor in Agribusiness at the University of New Hampshire. I am set to graduate this coming spring and I hope to find a job within the industry in the western discipline. I also am set to become PATH Intl. certified as a licensed therapeutic riding instructor once I pass the instructor’s exam, and I hope to find work or volunteer with people with disabilities riding in the equine industry.

3. Share your favorite horseback riding memory at the Ranch.

Nothing is better than the time I did a home show in middle school with my sidekick Louie, and we won first place in all of the barrel racing and pole bending competitions we would do! Definitely cantering around the ring with your favorite pony after years of knowing them is so fun and fulfilling.

4. Who are your favorite horses to ride?

If you see me on the trails, I will most likely be on one of my favorites: Frack or Hercules! I’ve definitely grown a soft spot for these two and it is really satisfying working on something with them and getting a positive response and knowing you are making a difference with them. My absolute favorite however is Louie, who I gained all my confidence on and grew up learning proper riding with!