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1. When did you start riding at Cornerstone and did you first discover Cornerstone, as a student, trail rider, or staff inquiry?

I came to Cornerstone for the first time for a trail ride on Columbus Day back in the fall 2020. I teach elementary school music, and we were right in the middle of remote learning due to the pandemic. I showed up by myself, fell in love and never left! I quickly started volunteering and taking lessons, eventually became part of the staff. Cornerstone has saved my sanity many times since then. 

2. What are your goals at Cornerstone or in the horse world/industry?

My goals at Cornerstone include, continuing to improve my horsemanship and riding skills, as well as helping to share Susan and Julia’s vision and passion for the work they do. Their love of horses is contagious, and I love being able to share that passion with those who come for trail rides. Also someday I would love to go out west and be a part of a cattle drive, or go to a dude ranch. 

3. Share your favorite horseback riding memory at the Ranch.

I definitely have a few favorite memories, but one that sticks out was the first time I truly cantered in the outdoor ring. We were doing a mini workshop for staff and volunteers, so I was determined to just go for it. When it was my turn to try, Target and I began trotting around the ring getting focused and then when I cued him to canter suddenly I was flying! It wasn’t necessarily the most graceful moment, and I was definitely a little scared but I did it. It was an amazing feeling then, and still is today every time I canter.

4. Who are your favorite horses to ride?

I love riding the big boys Target, Frick, and Frack. They’re so huge and gentle I just love working with them. Another favorite is Blue the mule, who loves it when you scratch inside his giant ears. They’re all so different, between their personalities and how they feel when you’re riding them. I love that each one can teach you something different about yourself as a person and a rider. They’ve all taught me that you need to leave your stresses at the gate, because once you’re in the ring the only thing that matters is the relationship between you and your horse.

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