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Quick Details

Sun Great for all ages!

Calendar Pony Rides available on weekends for youngsters!

Private Lesson 30 Minutes
Group Lesson 1 Hour
Semi-Private Lessons 30 Minutes
Book 10 Rides and get $100 off! Private Riding Lesson 10 pack
Book 10 Rides and get $100 off! Group Riding Lesson 10 pack

Riding Lesson Options:

Private lessons may be structured to your specific skill level and needs because they offer one-on-one individualized attention. Semi-Private lessons are for only two riders who want to ride together, and may be a nice way for beginner family members or friends to take lessons together but still be able to have the instructor working one-on-one with both riders. Please book a private or semi-private lesson if you are new to riding. Because group lessons are for more experienced riders, they may be overwhelming for beginners, and we want everyone to have a safe and positive experience with horseback riding.

In group lessons, students who feel comfortable on horseback share riding space with a common experience of riding, which is a great foundation on which to build friendships and bond with the horses. Group lessons usually have a mix of riders at all different ability and experience levels.

Our goal is to produce good riders that care for horses and ride in a way that does not force the horse but rather allow the horse to be willing and move at their best athletic ability with as little strain as possible.

Directions will be sent in your confirmation email.

“Cornerstone was where I regained my confidence as a rider. I went from being afraid of cross rails and timid on horseback, to galloping in the fields on trail lessons and jumping two foot verticals without even thinking about it. They are patient and kind at Cornerstone and went at my pace to help me restore my faith in myself and in my abilities.” -Bethany, 25