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Kids All-Day Riding Workshop

Kids All-Day Riding Workshops are an ideal way to introduce children with limited riding experience to the pleasures of horseback riding, and for children who are already experienced riders to practice what they know and enjoy the pleasure of learning new skills. Ages 8-16 y/o, beginner-advanced.

Students can look forward to a full day of learning the basics of how to better their riding, learn about equipment, and care for a horse. 

Children are required to bring their own food, drinks, sunscreen, and suitable riding attire (such as long pants and a shoe with a heel) for the day. Comfortable clothing such as shorts and sneakers may be brought to change into. Helmets are available.

Program Features:

  • Morning and afternoon riding sessions
  • Horse sense in saddling, leading, and grooming
  • Exercising a horse
  • Horse feeding and care
  • Trail riding (Time & weather dictates)
  • Other social and educational outdoor activities

Participants must be 8-16 years old.
No experience required, but helpful of course!

Program Attire:

Bring comfortable clothes. For riding: long pants and closed, comfortable shoes with a small heel. We have plenty of helmets, but if you would like to bring your own you may. Please make sure it is approved for riding. Bicycle helmets are not approved for horseback riding.

Directions will be sent in your confirmation email.

The best part of the lessons at Cornerstone Ranch, is having the sense that you are a part of a loving and welcoming community. Whilst learning the skill and art that goes into riding, the bonds that are created between both rider and horse are sure to touch your heart!” -Sammy 15