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Calling All Horse Riders and Horse Lovers! Boy, Do I Have A Story for You…

It is not every day that a horse can save you from the slammer and getting your vehicle towed, right?

Let me explain.

Once upon a time, I was driving in Rutland, minding my own business, when I saw those flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror. At this point, I knew I wasn’t speeding, swerving, or doing anything illegal, so I was completely confused. Well, that was until I found out the reason. It turns out, my license was expired, which I assume the local police officer knew about when running my plates prior to pulling me over. The truth was that I honestly had no clue that my license was expired. I am not the kind of person who analyzes my license card on a regular basis. But that didn’t matter. My criminal escapade gigs were about to run dry.

I commend the officer for doing his job well because he really did spook me to the bone about how I was subject to arrest and how my vehicle would need to be towed. I may or may not have begun to cry at that point. However, once my emotional side began to stabilize, my strategic maneuverability kicked in. I began thinking of ways to get around this awful predicament played out before me. What would a horse rider do? What could I possibly do to flip this situation in a more favorable direction? After a few moments, the light bulb turned on, and I found my answer. The perfect solution was to call my daughter and summon her with a horse.

The idea was that my daughter would drive my vehicle back home, and I would ride the horse she chooses to come save me. It felt like a long shot, but I offered the police officer this easy and innocent exit plan, and he allowed me to do it! Shortly after, my daughter, Julia, showed up riding bareback on one of the Ranch’s trusty steeds, Kidder! I later found out that Julia chose Kidder due to him being the closest to the gate. She threw on his bridle, jumped on from a rock, and then galloped off to save me. But here is the zinger: Julia forgot to pack her driver’s license. 

We are just a bunch of lowly criminals at the Ranch, you see.

But fear not! The officer was nice and super amused at my innovative way of getting out of this mess. He radioed the station and cleared Julia to drive the escape vehicle home, and I got to ride Kidder off into the sunset. We even took some time enhancing laughs and taking pictures of Julia arriving at the scene. 

I am grateful for this memorable experience which I was able to share with my daughter, Julia. It featured trust, persistency, positivity, and illuminated that you can make light out of an initial adverse situation. Not to mention that being able to bring some happiness to the officer’s day as well made it even more special. This is a moment I will forever look back on and smile about, and I hope it made you smile too. 

– Susan 

P.S. If you are a horse rider and ever get pulled over for an expired license, you now know exactly what you need to do. 

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