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Dear Riding Friends,

Here are some helpful tips to make your ride extra enjoyable:

When to arrive:
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your ride to be certain you make it on time. Sometimes, people show up late for their rides and we have to leave without them. This is very unfortunate after driving all the way and planning your day for your ride.

What to wear/bring:
It’s a little cooler here because of the elevation. Please plan accordingly and bring your favorite blanket from home if you like. We are not providing blankets because of COVID. 

What to do; what is available:
In fact, plan to come here extra early as there will be a camp fire, and hot chocolate and s’mores available. You may also purchase ice tea, water and snacks before and after your ride. At the Ranch, there is a picnic table area and an enclosed tent where you can relax and enjoy being at the ranch. We encourage you to say hello to the horses taking you on the ride and take selfies of your group with the horses right after your ride. Once we are in the clear re COVID, we will go back to taking pictures with your phone. 

What/why is the late policy:
Missing your ride doesn’t allow for rebooking. We have horses harnessed and ready waiting for you. Others would have been happy to go on the ride had the spaces been available. We do not overbook rides and have a 48 hour cancelation policy for very valid reasons. 

Thank you:
We are a family owned horse farm. Many of our horses have been rescued. Our family, employees and volunteers go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive and safe experience. Your patronage goes a long way and is very much appreciated. Thank you very much! 

Safe travels, thanks again and see y’all soon!