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Lesson Program

Students must be evaluated by other instructor in order to advance.


BEGINNER FOCUS: overall balance/ posture, basic concept of the movement and control of the horse and how to ask for transitions correctly and efficiently

Beginner 1- can lead horse and mount correctly from both sides, knows basic voice commands and leg/ hand cues, can perform a working walk on 1st track, can stop and back 1-2 steps, can circle and reverse small medium and large

Beginner 2- can check girth, can perform a sitting trot on 1st track, knows difference between rollaway to the rail and reverse to the inside, can explain the 5 cues we have when riding in order of importance, developing memory to keep heels down eyes up and back straight

Beginner 3- can perform a posting trot, can bend to the stop, can bend to the walk from the trot and trot back out, understands and can explain lateral control, can stop and *suggest* the back from walk

Beginner 4- knows to post on the correct diagonal and how to stand up the extra beat to change it, can switch direction along center line and cross line, can reverse and circle at the trot, developing quiet hands

Beginner 5- can check and adjust stirrups, can sit post and stand at the trot and demonstrate a clear speed difference in each, knows difference in mechanics of a stop from the walk vs stop from the trot, can perform a balanced stop from the trot by saying “woah” with a release and again “woah” with checks in rhythm


NOVICE FOCUS: how to start asking for more efficiency in maneuvers, challenging the riders thought process and how to move horse’s haunches and shoulders separately in maneuvers, develop light seat and hands

Novice 1- knows different leg cues for each gait, can post trot without stirrups, can rollaway from the trot and trot out efficiently, can ask horses hind end to push out of a circle, beginning to canter, developing a balanced seat

Novice 2- can do an elementary 360, can do an elementary same-and-out, can round horses body on turns, can trot center lines, cross lines, diagonals, and half school

Novice 3- can stand trot without stirrups, can canter balanced and in good rhythm with the horse’s head, can pick up correct diagonal without looking, can stop from the trot and rollaway into the canter, can do a 360 from the walk and trot out, can do a same-and-out from the walk and trot out

Novice 4- can do drop to the trot lead changes, understand how to feel wrong lead and correct it, can canter a circle without slowing down, understanding a balanced stop from the canter by saying “woah” with a touch to the horse’s withers and again “woah” with checks in rhythm, can serpentine at the trot and change diagonals through x, can perform a consistent collected trot


ADVANCED FOCUS: perfecting the basics in order to fly… asking for more correct techniques and mechanics while thinking and reacting quickly

Advanced 1- learning to lunge with the cavison, surcingle and side reins to develop horse’s balance and frame, can canter without stirrups, can do shoulders in on circles, can turn over the forehand and turn over the hind, can side pass, can canter the center line and perform a simple lead change

Advanced 2- can do balanced 360s and same-and-outs from and into the canter, can do balanced stops from the canter, can turn in and rollaway from x, can serpentine at the canter and change leads through x

Advanced 3- flying lead changes, can do drop the the trot lead changes and side pass into the canter, can perform collected canter and standing up at the canter with clear changes in speed and frame


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