Kind words from: Paul and Kathy

Love this! A kind email I want to share from Paul and Kathy:
We experienced the afternoon ride on Hercules and Dusty on Wed. the 4th. We have been talking about it long after the ride and I want to share our comments directly with you.

We had fun and were amazed by the genuine passion for what you do. It appears to be shared with all the staff we interacted with. It seemed to come from a place of enjoyment and not just another group of customers being herded through. I believe 19 years was the number your ranch has been in the making. Yet the love for what you are doing seems fresh and new as if this is only your 2nd or third year. You have something unique at the Cornerstone Ranch.
Thanks for an awesome time!

HerculesHercules say thanks!

Boston Seventh Day Adventist Church Meeting

Thanks for visiting: Boston area Seventh Day Adventist Church

Thank you Ildo and everyone who visited the Ranch Oct 2019 from the Boston Area Seventh Day Adventist Church. It was fun taking such a wonderful group on a horse drawn wagon ride, trail ride and a pony ride! Thank you for bringing your joy and singing at the campfire. It made our day! Thank you for visiting and wishing you many happy returns!


Thank you for your kind email Kristen, a recent rider…

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time my mother and I had at your ranch last week!
We had a carriage ride with Sue, who is just fantastic!!!

We were talking about it a few days ago and thought since you folks have so much land, maybe in the future you could put a small cabin in and let people rent it for the night and take care of the horses? Just a thought!

Basically, my mom is looking for a way to stay there for a few days, lol, she LOVES THIS PLACE!!!

Thank you so much!!