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2022 / —

PRINCETON, MA, USA, November, 2022

The Saddle Meets The Horse

Cornerstone Ranch & Fallis Saddles Generationally Bridge The Gap For Better Horsemanship

At Cornerstone Ranch, horses are much more than just animals; they are family. And like how family members take care of each other, this is why Cornerstone Ranch horses are trained and cared for using the best equipment designed specifically for their health, comfort, and of course, safety. Because as much as the notions of Monte Foreman’s Basic Handle and the expertise of Ron McLoughlin (a student and ambassador of the late Monte Foreman) are followed to train horses with as little strain and stress as possible, the equipment is the foundation that can either make or break efficiency and progress.

In this day and age, it is no secret that there is an endless supply of horse saddles to choose from. Some good, some not so good. But with horses’ well-being staying at the forefront of Cornerstone Ranch’s priorities, it stands to reason that they would leverage only the best Western-style saddles on the market. Even more, saddles that were thoughtfully crafted by a family-owned brand that truly values quality and what’s best for horses just as much as they they do—Fallis Saddles.

a man standing in a room
John Fallis, carrying on the family tradition of crafting
Balanced Ride Saddles. Photograph taken by Brandy Fallis

The History of Fallis Saddles
When Merlyn “Slim” met Monte Foreman, an up-and-coming trainer who was looking for a saddle maker to create a Western-style saddle with a more balanced seat and a better fit for the horse, he had no idea that he would one day be revolutionizing the horse saddle industry. Establishing Fallis Saddlery in 1951 with his wife Johanna Fallis, Slim began crafting high-quality horse saddles. With massive success and horse approval, Slim trademarked “The Fallis Balanced Ride Saddle” in 1951, and in 1957, the Fallis family along with horse trainer Monte Foreman moved to Longmont, Colorado to be closer to the burgeoning horse industry.

There, Johanna set up horse training clinics for Monte to instruct, which inevitably attracted horse saddle customers who valued equipment tailored to work in harmony with horses’ natural movements. The clinics were an enormous success, and Monte became famous for his unique teaching methods. After his parents passed away, Slim and Johanna’s son John Fallis started John Fallis Custom Saddles, Inc in 1985, located in Elizabeth, CO. John was an avid apprentice under his father and built his first horse saddle at the young age of 13. Now picking up where his father left off, John continues to handcraft custom saddles in the heart of Idaho, utilizing all the same superior quality and creating the same design as Monte Foreman’s original saddle his parents did decades ago.

WhWhit Parker, horse breeder and trainer, late grandfather
of Julia Connell, Head Riding Instructor at Cornerstone Ranch,
demonstrating a balanced stop in a Fallis Balanced Ride saddle.
Pictured in “Horse-Training Science,” by Monte Foreman
and Patrick Wyse

From 1951 to now, Fallis saddles have been prided for being 100% custom and handcrafted using real sheepskin and Hermann Oak leather tanned in St. Louis, MO. To date, more than 15,000 saddles (and counting) have been sold across the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Sweden. So in huge thanks to the Fallis family’s ingenuity and commitment to excellence, horseback riders on a global scale have access to a quintessential saddle that kicks up comfort, appeal, and balance than ever before. Because if there is one thing for sure, quality is something that can never be faked; riders can see it, and you best bet that horses can feel it.

Fallis Family Saddles—What’s the Hype?
A saddle may have a single purpose, but how that purpose is executed is what makes all the difference. The Fallis family knew that when creating their bar-raising equipment, which is why the 1954 trademarked “The Fallis Balanced Ride Saddle” possesses four main distinctive features that make it unique:

Tree Design: Though fully modifiable, the standard Fallis saddle tree fits 85% of today’s riding horses!

Bulkless Rigging: Playing into the notions of physics, less bulk under a rider’s legs permits more leg contact and better balance and control. Thus, keeping the saddle in the correct place on the horse’s back.

Flat Seat: Believe it or not, a nearly flat seat design allows riders to sit in the rider’s groove, where horses can best carry the rider’s weight. The perfect win-win scenario.

Forward Hung Stirrups: In a Fallis saddle, stirrups are set farther forward than conventional saddles. The result? Better stability and more friction, both of which keep the stirrup leathers in place.

Riding horses on a trail

Trail riders at the Cornerstone Ranch maintaining good balance in Fallis Balanced Ride saddles. Photo by Cornerstone Ranch.

A Thanks from Cornerstone Ranch
There are a few things essential to riders of all levels—the trusty steed on the trail and the memories made while sitting in the saddle. That’s why we here at Cornerstone Ranch are so grateful for the Fallis family and Monte Foreman, who have developed the perfect horse saddle that has helped our horses in so many ways. Overall, The Fallis family has spearheaded the saddle-making art for generations, and they clearly know the importance of a good saddle. And thanks to their expertise and innovation, our horses are able to perform at their best, and our riders are able to enjoy the trail to the fullest.

As Monte would say, “Adios, Amigos” …. until we meet again.

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