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The Cat’s Out of the Bag: A Tail of Two Kitties in a Pandemic

Some of you may have met Roo, a sweet kitty at the Ranch. On or around last November, Roo exited the ranch for reasons unbeknownst to all the Rancheros (other than she may have been looking for a mate). Roo would make a great mommy after-all, and barn cats are difficult to come by. 

We were quite concerned about Roo’s departure and feared the worst: We would never see our beloved kitty again. As a side note: Roo’s brother Tigger was surprisingly nonchalant about his sister’s mysterious disappearance. 

Life went on without a single “meow” from Roo. Until one day this week when Roo appeared!!! She was a little thin and somewhat wild, but healthy and strong nonetheless. Five long months had gone by without Roo and voila! She was back with us! Tigger was very happy to be reunited with his sister too.

It’s fun to ponder what Roo’s adventure on the lam must have been like LOL Did she know there was a pandemic and was social distancing? Did Roo run off with Fluffy?
So many unanswered questions, but the bottom line is Roo is back and we are grateful 😻
Roo has made the decision to stay indoors for the time being. Please say “hello kitty” to Roo and give her some love if you see her outside when on your next visit to the ranch!