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a group of people riding on the back of a horse

The first horse show of 2020 at the Ranch was a fun success! On Friday June 5th, your pal Julia, organized a beach themed horse show for our dedicated students. Being the first event we have been able to orchestrate post Covid-19, we were very excited and pleased with the outcome. Students were so excited to be back in the saddle with their favorite horses. Julia’s goal for the day was to allow everyone a fun escape and to focus on having fun and enjoying the outdoors.

Not only did our students and their families join us for the evening, but also some dear friends. Everyone had a blast cheering the riders on, especially for the surprise class “Spin Around the Noodle.” In this class the riders canter down to the far side of the arena, dismount their horse and spin around a pool noodle 5x, and then lead their horse back down to the finish line. We had lots of laughs and made some long lasting memories while riders ran dizzily back with their horse in hand. Everyone felt great being able to forget about the troubles going on in the world for a while. Our next horse show is scheduled for August 28th and will be Pajama Day, we hope to see y’all there!