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a person riding a horse in the snow
  • When did you start riding at Cornerstone and did you first discover Cornerstone, as a student, trail rider, or staff inquiry?

     I started riding at Cornerstone when I was 14 years old! My mom found the ranch in search of a summer activity for my little sister and I. Soon enough, a summer day-trip surprise turned into a weekly routine! However, my love for the ranch days couldn’t stop there. I began volunteering at the ranch and could not stay away!  8 years later, I get to take out the trail rides and pick the route ALL day! I love being outside and feeling the sunshine— it is definitely a blessing to be apart of the wrangler team!  

  • What are your goals at Cornerstone or in the horse world/industry?

     My goal at Cornerstone is to become proficient in the classical stock seat riding style. It is an endless journey! Working toward constant improvement, proper technique and efficiency is important to me as I love my horse partners — and I want them to have as much fun as I do when we go for rides. 

      I would like to become a riding instructor at the ranch after college, as I love collaborating with others who share the same appreciation for the equine sport. 

      In the future, I hope to run my own boarding facility for horses. I like the idea of waking up in the morning and seeing horses in my backyard! 

  • Share your favorite horseback riding memory at the Ranch.

     Among many fond memories we have created at the ranch (on horseback and on foot!) my most memorable time must be the first time I drove the sleigh. This was dually exciting, because it was also my first time ever riding in the sleigh! It felt like a scene right out of a Christmas movie. This winter was so special to me because I really got to learn how to harness the pulling horses and drive them. I look forward to sleigh season ever since! 

a brown horse standing on top of a grass covered fieldSammy and Bay

  • Who are your favorite horses to ride?

       My favorite horses to ride are Malarkey and Bay- although I do feel guilty saying this, as all of the horses offer a beautiful ride and big heart! 

      Malarkey definitely lives up to her name, so she’s always up to something whether I’m by her side or on her back! She is also the first horse I rode when I came for my first trail ride at Cornerstone!

      Bay is a treat to ride; she’s great at tricks and maneuvers and has an upbeat energy. She is also extremely personable and really puts in a lot of effort for her rider.

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