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Frick and Frack getting hitched

Frick & Frack arrived to the Ranch on 9/5/20 all the way from Ohio. They were raised by an Amish family of Percheron breeders.

F&F came with the names Mac and Jack. The limited understanding of vocabulary horses have would make it difficult for them distinguish between the rhyming names. This may cause confusion and we can’t have any misunderstandings on our sleigh rides. The seller gave his blessings to change to names more suitable for a pulling pair. Hence, the names Frick & Frack.
Despite receiving┬ásome flack┬áthe names Frick & Frack┬áhave evoked…I will hang my hat on the old style meaning: “two peas in a pod”, “like peanut butter & jelly”, and the dictionary definition as follows: “Frick and Frack is for any two people who are closely┬álinked in┬ásome way, especially through a work partnership or strong friendship.” Hence, great names for a pair of horses!
Susan Connell
Owner, manager & founder of Cornerstone Ranch, a family owned business.

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