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Open House with Pony Rides This Weekend

Dear Riding Friends,

This weekend and ongoing, we are hosting pony rides, ice cream & refreshments in addition to our regularly scheduled trail rides.
No reservations are needed to participate in pony rides. The rides are $10 per child; any additional children from the same family are $5. Pony rides are a fun way to get outside and learn new skills. We have been known to help make kids “horse crazy” and it brings us great pleasure for a part in such a healthy outlet. Please drop in at the ranch between 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM on the weekend to say “hi”. If you can help spread the word we’ll be grateful for your kindness. Hope to see you soon!

Riding Reminder

Dear Riding Friends,

Here are some helpful tips to make your ride extra enjoyable:

What to wear/bring:
It’s a little cooler here because of the elevation. Please plan accordingly and bring a jacket or sweatshirt if the temps are below 75°, or your ride is late in the day. Also, a closed shoe with a heel is recommended for safety reasons.

When to arrive:
Please arrive 1/2 hour prior to your ride to be certain you make it on time. Sometimes, people show up late for their rides and we have to leave without them. This is very unfortunate after driving all the way and planning your day for your ride.

What to do; what is available:
In fact, plan to come here extra early as the Wild Child Express Ice Cream Trolley will be open. You may purchase ice tea, water and snacks before and after your ride. We have a picnic table area where you can relax and enjoy being at the ranch. Insect protection and sunscreen is also available at the trolley. We’ve got your back!

What/why is the late policy:
Missing your ride doesn’t allow for rebooking. We have horses saddled and ready waiting for you Others would have been happy to go on the ride had the spaces been available. We do not overbook rides and have a 48 hour cancelation policy for very valid reasons. 

Thank you:
We are a family owned horse farm. Many of our horses have been rescued. Our Wranglers go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive and safe experience. Your patronage goes a long way and is very much appreciated. Thank you very much! 

Safe travels, thanks again and see y’all soon!

Ranch Renovations

You’re certain to love our new look and we are darn happy, snappy and grateful for the renovation project bestowed on the ranch! 

Beautiful wooden fence rails and posts along the customer and the horse hitching areas. All meticulously and professionally installed.

A new walkway and campfire area, new lawns; renovated, more spacious parking complete with an engineered drainage system to help with drainage.  Also, new seating boards for the bleachers. Phew! We have been so busy preparing for your visit LOL! 

All the kiddos are sure to love riding at the ranch this summer, and we have been lucky to have seen some; all with very happy faces lately.

The ranch is a fun, healthy & safe place to visit for family activities. Book your rides soon while there are spaces available. We cater to very small groups, and there’s lots of room at the ranch to stay spread apart. We love seeing everyone and hope to see you very soon! 🐴

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2020 June Horse Show

Success: June Horse Show at the Ranch!

The first horse show of 2020 at the Ranch was a fun success! On Friday June 5th, your pal Julia, organized a beach themed horse show for our dedicated students. Being the first event we have been able to orchestrate post Covid-19, we were very excited and pleased with the outcome. Students were so excited to be back in the saddle with their favorite horses. Julia’s goal for the day was to allow everyone a fun escape and to focus on having fun and enjoying the outdoors.

Not only did our students and their families join us for the evening, but also some dear friends. Everyone had a blast cheering the riders on, especially for the surprise class “Spin Around the Noodle.” In this class the riders canter down to the far side of the arena, dismount their horse and spin around a pool noodle 5x, and then lead their horse back down to the finish line. We had lots of laughs and made some long lasting memories while riders ran dizzily back with their horse in hand. Everyone felt great being able to forget about the troubles going on in the world for a while. Our next horse show is scheduled for August 28th and will be Pajama Day, we hope to see y’all there!

Tigger and Roo at a window

The Cat’s Out of the Bag: A Tail of Two Kitties in a Pandemic

Some of you may have met Roo, a sweet kitty at the Ranch. On or around last November, Roo exited the ranch for reasons unbeknownst to all the Rancheros (other than she may have been looking for a mate). Roo would make a great mommy after-all, and barn cats are difficult to come by. 

We were quite concerned about Roo’s departure and feared the worst: We would never see our beloved kitty again. As a side note: Roo’s brother Tigger was surprisingly nonchalant about his sister’s mysterious disappearance. 

Life went on without a single “meow” from Roo. Until one day this week when Roo appeared!!! She was a little thin and somewhat wild, but healthy and strong nonetheless. Five long months had gone by without Roo and voila! She was back with us! Tigger was very happy to be reunited with his sister too.

It’s fun to ponder what Roo’s adventure on the lam must have been like LOL Did she know there was a pandemic and was social distancing? Did Roo run off with Fluffy?
So many unanswered questions, but the bottom line is Roo is back and we are grateful 😻
Roo has made the decision to stay indoors for the time being. Please say “hello kitty” to Roo and give her some love if you see her outside when on your next visit to the ranch!