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Healthy as a Horse…

A great saying and exactly what we wish for everyone and strive for ourselves.

To All: Please be well in body and mind; stay strong together; don’t panic, and be smart during the Coronavirus crisis.

We are super-excited to take you on a trail ride to explore the great outdoors. A trip to Cornerstone will be a treat and a sure way to brighten your spirits and create healthy & happy family memories. Please join us in the fun!
From our family to yours: Best wishes and much love; be well, from Cornerstone Ranch!

Pictured are Sammy & Julia.


Woot Hoot! March 2020: Open for Trail Rides and Horse Drawn Rides


Horse Drawn 2020



Yay, we are hosting rides!

Howdy folks!

Cornerstone Ranch remains open for healthy outdoor activities. The only change we have put into place is we will not put our staff's health in jeopardy handling other's phones to take pictures after rides. If time allows, we will gladly take pictures and post them onto the web site for retrieval.

Please book your rides and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Best regards,
Susan Connell
Cornerstone Ranch, Princeton, MA

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