How do I book a trail ride?

  1. Use any of the reservation links from the Home Page or Trail Ride Page at the Cornerstone Ranch web site.
  2. Choose either the one hour trail ride or the two hour trail ride and click “Book” for that type of trail ride.
  3. Click on the day you are interested in. The days available will be colored green
  4. If it shows there are enough horses available for your group, choose the time slot you would like and click “Continue”.
  5. Review information, if you have a Groupon or the like, type in the 8 letter voucher code where it says “Add promo or discount code”. Click “Continue” to proceed or “Go Back” to change number of people, type of trail ride, day or time.
  6. Type all required contact information. If you typed your coupon code correctly you will not be charged for the ride, only the gratuity. Ticket protection is optional.
  7. Check your email to be sure a Reservation Confirmation has been sent. If you receive a confirmation email you are all set!
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