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Hank was a hard workin’ cowpoke who really earned his meager pay.
He rode his *** Old Red from early dawn ’til at night he hit the hay,
Fixin’ fences, ropin’ steers and brandin’ dogies in the old corral,
But he had an odd addiction that gnawed on his pard’s morale!

He was a happy yodler which is alright fer a wrangler I suppose,
But his irritatin’ warblin’ caused him to nearly come to blows!
At night in the bunkhouse he would even yodel in his sleep,
Addin’ to the din of his pals who were known fer snorin’ deep!

His yodelin’ caused cattle to stampede and hosses to buck and neigh.
Caused chickens to cease layin’ aigs and cantankerous mules to bray!
Porkers squealed in their sty and the hounds barked and howled,
His comrades raged and cussed and the cats all hissed and yowled!

Even rattlesnakes were flustered and slithered to hide in dens,
And bands of coyotes skulked to seek cover in the nearby fens.
Frenzied birds vacated their cozy nests and fled to distant climes,
And Cookie got upset since the guys couldn’t hear his supper chimes!

The grizzled old ranch boss called Hank aside fer a serious session,
Sayin’, “Son, you’re creatin’ havoc ’round hyar with yer damn obsession!
Take yer *** and yodler to swoon the gals at the Dry Gulch Saloon,
‘Cause if’n you keep it up ’round hyar, you’ll hit the road and soon!”

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

This next poem is written by Robyn, a Wrangler at Cornerstone Ranch!

“This has been rattling around in my head for a while while riding the trails ….”
nothing stops a train ..a horse train that is…
Nothing stops this train. Not the wind or cold or snow or rain.
The people come from far and wide to see the horses and take a ride.
Their dedication is astounding. As the storms are just a pounding.
They love this shite, there is no doubt. So I’ll take them out and will not pout.

Most every ride is booked to max, and on the horse you need no mask!

How do I know this? I’m the soggy caboose!

So, I grab my slicker and waterproof hat.
Thermal underwear, and layers on top of that.
Out on the trails we go in the heat and the cold.
The wind and the snow.
Cuz nothing stops a train. A horse train that is!
Robyn – The Happy Wrangler