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If Not for the Love of Horses

Happy Rancheros

A willing friend, confidant, unconditional love … I am not referring to a person
I am referring to my horse.
Some think of them as just animals. Others think of them as objects.
Then there are the few, like me , who think of them as family.
Horses have been tolerant of humans for centuries allowing us to get
on their backs to take us to where we need to go. We should never take them
for granted and thank them every time !!!!
Amazingly, horses are also beneficial to the human psyche and there are many benefits to owning or being around horses. They come in many different colors and multitude of breeds. Caring for horses can be a handful, but is definitely rewarding. Horses are wondrous creatures and an action of your heart.
Horses are not just beasts to take care of and love, if you treat them kindly you will have a loyal companion for life. They also teach us to be responsible and to take pride
in yourself and your horse’s accomplishments. When you are riding a horse he can make you feel as if you can fly!
Horses mean more to me than many other things and I have great respect for them. They surround us with many benefits that make us feel exceptional. Their colors are all attractive. Their breeds are marvelous and unique. Their history with us is a beneficial relationship that continues. Yes, a horses behavior is different from ours, but is an easy language to learn.
I dedicate this article to my friends at Cornerstone Ranch but especially too my horse Danny who saved my life…. I will be forever grateful!
With love and peace,

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