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(more horses to be added soon!)

Play some music while your browsing this page! You're the conductor. You've got a high tenor, lead tenor, baritone and bass. Make sweet music with these four singing horses. WARNING: SMILE GUARANTEED.

Click on each horse to turn them on or off... to hear them all sing, barber shop style.


Some of the horses at Cornerstone Ranch have been with us for many years. A few have been raised and trained since birth by Sue Connell and her daughters, Mary and Julia. Many other horses at Cornerstone Ranch have been adopted by Cornerstone Ranch. These horse's outcomes would have been very different had they not been rescued and rehabilitated by Cornerstone Ranch. A goal at Cornerstone is to create and retain safe, calm, responsive riding horses. We believe in keeping our horses care as close to what horses are accustomed to in their natural surroundings as possible. We feed hay 24/7 and allow our horses enough room to roam freely. We believe the quality of life for a horse is much better if it can be paralleled to what is natural to them.

Tanya and Sadie are Percheron horses and full sisters. Sadie is slightly taller at 17.2 hands, Tanya is 17.1 hands. Tanya and Sadie are very hard workers and very good at what they do. Join us in a sleigh or wagon ride to see them in action! Please use this link to read about Tanya and Sadie's famous grandfather, Blackhome Grandeur Lyn.

Chip came to Cornerstone Ranch because he was getting himself into some trouble with a little bit of bad behavior. Chip needed a job and the trails have been a perfect way for him to regain his focus. Chip is an Appaloosa and he is blessed with a plethora of spots making him quite bedazzleing.

Dakota was born in 2005 and is a pinto. Dakota stands 15 hands two inches and is dark brown and white. Dakota is fast becoming a favorite trail horse at Cornerstone because of his sweet and willing personality!

Cheech has been with Cornerstone Ranch since May of 2011. Cheech is great with kids and has proven to be very dependable. Cheech is approximately 12 hands high and is probably a Shetland breed of pony. He was born in 1999. His coloring is pinto.

Hope was born at Cornerstone Ranch in 2008. Her mom is Ginger and her dad is Kidder. We are so happy with our little gal, Hope. She is one of the sweetest horses we have ever had the priviledge to work with. If you are lucky enough to ride Hope you will surely agree she is a sweetie! Hope's color is sorrel -- We think as we are still trying to figure that one out! She has four high socks and lot's and lots of spots and sparkly blue eyes! Hope is 14 hands, 1 inch tall and growing.

Hercules was born in 2004. He is a Hafflinger gelding. Hercules' color is sorrel. Hercules is 14 hands, 1 inch tall. Hercules came to us from a rescue in PA. He is believed to have been used to plow fields. We are not sure if Hercules had been ridden much before coming to us but he is taking to it really well and is a joy to work with!

Friar Tuck Hanover, "Tucker" was born in 1996. He is a registered Standardbred gelding. Tucker's color is dark bay. Tucker is 14 hands, 1 inch tall. Tucker is a n accomplished and well known harness racing horse. Tucker's last career was certifying harness race jockeys. Please use this link to the for the United States Trotting Association (USTA), to learn more about the Standardbred racing. Tucker is fun to ride and drive.

Asteroid, "Dusty" was born on March 22, 1998. He is a registered Hafflinger gelding. Dusty's color is sorrel. Dusty is 14 hands tall. Please use this link to the American Hafflinger Registry (AHR), to learn more about the Hafflinger breed.

I'm Justa Kid, "Kidder" was born on February 24, 2005. He is a registered Pony of America's (POA) gelding. Kidder's coloring is a leopard appaloosa (spots everywhere!). Kidder is 14 hands tall. He is an absolute joy to be around! Please use this link to the Pony of America Club (POAC), to learn more about the Pony of America's.

Target is a Spotted Draft Horse and measures 16 hands 3 inches. One of Target's parents was a Percheron and the other a Paint.

Shiloh is a Pony of America's (POA) mare born in 1996. Shiloh's coloring is bay with spots and some roaning (white hair mixed in). Shiloh measures thirteen hands, two inches. Shiloh is fun to ride and is very smart and willing. Please use this link to the Pony of America Club (POAC), to learn more about the Pony of America's.

Happy is a Quarter Horse born in 1998 gelding. Happy's coloring is bay. Happy is a coppery, reddish color with black points. Happy measures sixteen hands, two inches. Happy is fun to ride as he is well mannered and his gaits are very smooth. Please use this link to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), to learn more about the Quarter Horse breed.

Louie is a Mustang gelding born in 1994. Louie's coloring is liver chestnut. Louie is very gentle and is fun to ride. He is very handsome with his four high white sox and his broad blaze. Louie measures fourteen hands, one inch. Please use this link to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to learn more about the American Mustang.

Ginger is an Appaloosa mare born in born in 2000. Ginger's coloring is buckskin with spots. Ginger measures fourteen hands, two inches. Ginger is fun to ride and is a great riding lesson horse. Please use this link to the Appaloosa Horse Club, to learn more about the Appaloosa breed.

Miller Hi Life "Miller" is a Minature Horse born in 1997. Miller's coloring is sorrel. Miller is fun for smaller children to ride. Please use this link to the American Miniature Horse Club, to learn more about the Miniature Horse breed.

Mr. Golden Sun... "Goldie" is a POA Pony born in 1998. Goldie's coloring is dun. Goldie is a foal born into the PMU rescue organization. Please use these link to the PMU Rescue Organization, Premarin Information Organization. to learn more about the PMU programs.




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