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Thank you for visiting the Cornerstone Ranch web site. We are a tranquil, low key riding stable with a focus on fun and learning. Riding lessons are structured to encourage those new to riding as well as people who have been riding for some time. Beginners gain a sense of accomplishment by developing riding skills with just one lesson! This instills confidence and interest right from the start.

Other Activities

Please use the reservation link to view dates for this year's riding programs.

New Facility

The Cornerstone facility is located just one mile from Route 68. It can be reached in just 10 minutes from Holden center, approximately 20 to 25 minutes from Worcester. Cornerstone is situated on 24 acres along a 3/4 mile dirt road. Even with the close proximity to a byway, Cornerstone has the look and feel of being in a rural New Hampshire town! This creates a relaxed, laid back feeling for both lessons and trail rides. Cornerstone is a new facility, and will continue to be a work in process (labor of love) for quite some time. The land was purchased to build the site in the fall of 2000. Much work has been accomplished including a new barn, run-in sheds, a grazing pasture, riding ring and a brand new indoor riding arena.

No Pesticides Used or Needed

We take pride in our all natural fly control program. With the proper use of natural fly predators and fly traps, we almost have a "no fly zone." Our Guinea Fowl will control the deer tick population as well as all other bothersome insects including flies. Guinea Fowl have gained popularity due to the fact their diet consists of 90% insects! The eggs we receive from our cute little feathered friends are an added bonus!




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